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family pathway book


Dr. Angela Carswell is a mother and mentor of the two mid-20s co-authors of A Workbook for Men/Women based on David Deida’s “The Way of the Superior Man,” wife of a retired Army Officer and civilian Senior DBA, and retired middle school teacher of 17 years with a Doctorate of Education in Curriculum and Instruction. As a teacher and “community mom,” the struggles of young adults stumbling to find footing have weighed heavy on Angela’s heart. As a result, she became an avid reader of family pathway books, self-help books, mindfulness techniques, and self-help research.

Now, Dr. Carswell is pursuing her passion for nurturing and supporting families by authoring books that spark transformational conversations. Asking the right questions in the classroom, as with life, opens doors to understanding. Enjoy your journey with this author’s titles.

“Family Pathways Books is committed to presenting interactive print materials for transformative discussions that are research-based and have practical applications for building stronger families.”

– Dr. Angela Carswell